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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Resources



Here are resources for you to consider when it comes to the Corona Virus.


Fellowship of Christian Camps (Canada) May, 2020

Other Resources

Contingency Plan Framework, from the American Camp Association (ACA) - Items to consider when formulating your contingency plans.
Union roundtable discussion -  Outline for roundtable
Best Practices for Keeping Your Online / Virtual Programming Safe for Campers,  Blog Post from ACA - Best Practices For online Programming
Communicable Disease Management in the Camp Setting - from www.CampNurse.org
Cleaning and disinfection for community facilities - CDC Recommendations
Education & Resource page (Covid-19) at www.campnurse.org
covid-19 resource center for camps - ACA website
COVID-19 and Coronavirus Resources - Adventist Risk Management (Extra resources at bottom of page)  (added 4/13)
Finding Direction, A CAMPER FAMILY SURVEY TO GUIDE CHRISTIAN CAMPS IN THE MIDST OF COVID-19 - Sacred Playgrounds & Tic Tac Toe Marketing joint project  (Added 4/17)
Union Roundtable Discussion Format - Our Next Conversation (#4)  (Added 4/22)
NAD Camps Summer Plans First Edition - Which camps are open / closed.  (Added 5/14 and will be changing as time moves on)
CDC Camp Decision Tree - Guidance from CDC on whether your camp is ready to operate. (Added 5/14)
Printable Hand Washing Sign - add your logo to the bottom and you are ready to print!  (Added 6/9)
Updated Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps (CDC) - Updated June 9 (Added June 11)



Communication with Stakeholders (Sample from Sunset Lake Camp)