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Want to Host the next AACP Convention?

AACP Annual Convention Preferred Venue Hosting Protocol

When the AACP Board considers which camp to host the annual convention (usually in December), these are some of the things that are taken into consideration:

  • Locations – less than or nearly 2 hours from a major airport
  • Facility – Preference given to Camps that are members of the AACP
  • Indoor Meeting Space – seating 150–200 comfortably
  • Break Out Rooms – 7 minimum, seating from 25–75 each
  • Indoor Cafeteria – seating 150–200 comfortably
  • Housing – sleeping arrangements for a minimum of 60 couples, some with families, and ability to accommodate 150–200
  • Linens – provided
  • Costs – at or under $125.00 per person

General Procedures for Selecting the Host Location for the AACP Convention:

  1. The DATES OF THE CONVENTION are determined by the AACP Board. These dates will often be closely related to the CCCA convention dates which are usually earlier in December.
  2. All INVITATIONS AND PROPOSALS are to be submitted to the VP for Conventions before the AACP Board meets to consider the location of following year's convention.
  3. The CAMP RENTAL FEE (including meals and lodging) is negotiated between the VP for Conventions and the Hosting Camp Manager/Camp Director. An official camp contract/agreement will need to be signed by the NAD Camp Director (or assigned NAD employee) and will process all deposits and payments through the NAD.
  4. The VP for Conventions shall PRESENT PERTINENT INFORMATION to the AACP board for consideration.
  5. The FINAL DECISION will be made, if possible, at the Annual AACP Convention by the AACP Board and announced at the business meeting or at the earliest possible time once a decision has been finalized. 

How to Become a Host:

To request your camp as the host for the next AACP Convention, please email the VP of Conventions with the following information: (VP of Conventions: Carmen Ibañez, director@pinespringsranch.org)  (VP of Conventions Elect: Hector Perez, Lake Whitney Ranch, hperez@swrgc.org)


  • Camp Name:
  • Camp Location:
  • Camp Director:
  • Camp Director's Contact Phone & Email:
  • Camp Manager:
  • Camp Manager's Contact Phone & Email:
  • Major Airport(s) & Travel Time to Camp:
  • Camp's Number of Beds:
  • Camp's Number of Breakout Rooms:
  • Camp's Number of seats in Largest Meeting Room: