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Seminars 2019 

This information pertains to the 2019 AACP Convention.  It is provided here as a sample of the types of breakout sessions that are available at our convention.  This is a list of seminars held at our 2019 convention.  They are listed in no particular order.  Further seminar information and the schedule for each session will be shared at a later date, as they become finalized. If you are interested in leading a particular seminar not listed here, please contact the VP of Conventions, Hector Perez at hectorperez@txsda.org.

Updated 12/5  9:00am


Managers & Executive Director Location:  CASCADE ROOM, Just off main lobby in Leoni Lodge

Thursday a.m.    "Passing on the Legacy."   Bruce Christiansen and Ashley Silva (Joint Meeting with Rangers), Camp MiVoden

Thursday p.m.    "Starting Out with Adversities."   Ray Queen, Camp Blue Ridge

Friday a.m.    "Are You a Shower or a Grower?"   Phil Younts, Camp Kulaqua  *Friday

Friday p.m.    "Balancing the Joys of Camp Life."   Rick & Helen Faber, Nosoca Pines Ranch   *Friday

CAMP DIRECTOR.  Jeremy Cruz, Track Director

Camp Director Location:  STEELEY CREEK LODGE.  Locate on the camp map.

Thursday a.m.    "Manual Labor: Let’s Talk About Your Staff Handbook."   Jeremy Cruz, Pine Springs Ranch.

Those interested in this Staff Manual session, you will benefit most by bringing your staff manual. 

Thursday p.m.    "Earning My Time & Attention: Recruiting Millennials & Gen Z for Camp."  Angel Castillo, Admission Counselor from Pacific Union College

Friday a.m.    "Escape rooms for experiential lessons and fun!"   Eric Barber    *Session 3

Friday p.m.    "Balancing Faith, Family, Fitness, & Camp Work."   Rob Lang, NPUC Youth Director.   ***updated Friday afternoon***

RANGERS.  Ross von pohle, Track Director

Rangers Location:  SUMMER CAMP DIRECTOR'S HOUSE. Above Train Station/Depot.

Thursday a.m.    "Passing on the Legacy."   Bruce Christiansen and Ashley Silva (Joint Meeting with Managers)      ***** THIS SESSION WILL MEET IN THE CASCADES ROOM WITH THE MANAGERS & EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS *****

Thursday p.m.    "Working with Volunteers."   David Woods, Maranatha Volunteers International

Friday a.m.    "Burn It, to Save It."   Chris Pappas, Leoni Meadows
Friday p.m.    "Bed Bugs Don't Sunggle."   Eric Henton

FOOD SERVICE.  Debbie Henderson, Track Director

Food Service Location:  CAFETERIA

Thursday a.m.    "How to Make Lumpia or Filipino Egg Rolls."  Ed Elsner, Leoni Meadows
Thursday p.m.    "Sushi with Anna."   Anna Kim, Leoni Meadows
Friday a.m.    "How to Make Pancit, a Filipino Noodle Dish."   Ed Elsner, Leoni Meadows
Friday p.m.    TBD.  Debbie Henderson, Camp Akita

CAMP SERVICES.  TBA, Track Director

Camp Services Location:  CONSUMNES ROOM. Off Lobby in Leoni Lodge. (Where Check-in happened)

Thursday a.m.    UltraCamp - Basic Session.  Derek Wright, UltraCamp
Thursday p.m.    UltraCamp - Experienced Session.  Derek Wright, UltraCamp
Friday a.m.     ACA has Standards.  Bill Wood, NAD Camp Coordinator   (session held in Forkes)

NEW TO CAMP.  Todd casey, Track Director

New to Camp Location:  *** Updated. Will now be meeting in the Caldor Room (main meeting room)

Thursday a.m.    "How to Not Get Fired Now That You're Hired."   Todd Casey, Camp Alamisco, and Crew.

Tips on how to survive your first year.

Thursday p.m.    " 'Your Treasurer' A Most Important Relationship."   Rick Faber, Nosoca Pines Ranch

Friday p.m.    "Balancing Faith, Family, Fitness, & Camp Work."   Rob Lang, NPUC Youth Director.

***Updated since the program bulletin was printed.

Friday a.m.    "Retirement Information You're Dying to Know"   Raymond Jimenez, NAD Retirement

***Updated since the program bulletin was printed.

Camp spouses.  lisa whitlow, track director


There will be two roundtable style sessions in the Camp Spouse track.  The first will be during the Thursday morning breakout session time and the second will be during the Friday morning breakout session time.
Thursday's morning session:  Fellowship and prayer. You're not alone!
Friday's morning session:   Sharing helpful hints for spouses in ministry.  Bring your best ideas!

Equestrian.  Esther Lorenson, Track Director

Equestrian Track Location:  Cafeteria.  ***Updated 12/5 8:51am***

Thursday a.m.    "Maintaining and Cultivating Equestrian Passion."  Janette Queen, Camp Blue Ridge

Thursday p.m.    "Tack Fitting and Bit-less Bridle Making."   Lowell Erickson, Nosoca Pines ranch

All are welcome to observe, however, there is a $10 fee if you want to make and take a bridle 

Friday a.m.    “You Had Me at Howdy.”   Esther Lorenson

Knowing what clients look for in Welcome, Rapid Participation and Good Customer Service while maintaining Safety.

Friday p.m.    "Developing Positive Relationships with Your Local Equestrian Community."    Heather Clay 

summer staff.  Erik Vandenburgh, track director

Summer Camp Staff Location:  DIRECTOR'S HOUSE, Uphill from the HQ Building.

Sessions will be available for summer staff on Friday afternoon. Come join the fun!

Sessions will be available for summer staff on Sabbath afternoon. Come join the fun!


Childcare Location, During Seminar Times, HQ Small Meeting Room

Round Tables

Consumnes Room

Meadow View Inn, Upper Room

Blind Camps, Partnering with Christian Record, Jeri Lyn Rogge

Partnering with Maranatha Volunteers International, David Woods

HQ Meeting Room AACP Nominating Committee Meeting w/Union Reps
Breakout Rooms Individual Tracks are Encouraged to Meet in their respective meeting areas during this time to have round table discussions.